FLORA IN VITRO, Venice, 2017

10 Sep – 10 Oct, 2017, Palazzetto Bru-Zane, Venice, Italy

The Palazzetto Bru-Zane cultural centre is hosting a unique exhibition entitled FLORA IN VITRO which highlights the elaborate craft of immortalising flowers in sparkling glass beads and metal wire.

Swedish author and collector Georg Ragnar Levi shows selected highlights from his collection of 1000 antique and new handmade bead flowers from Venice, France and elsewhere.

FLORA IN VITRO opens September 10, 2017, during Venice Glass Week. The title alludes to the representation of flowers outside their biological context, in glass – preserving our memories forever.

Throughout the centuries, people have made beaded blooms as gifts of love – often commemorating a particular person or a special occasion such as a birth or a wedding.

”Having the opportunity of showing my vitreous flora in Palazzetto Bru-Zane, with its beautifully restored floral stucco decor and its focus on French romanticism, is a true delight”, says Dr. Levi.

”I can’t imagine a more suitable setting for these flowers that never fade – new and old, all saved from the march of time.”

”Flora in vitro”. Creative concept and collection: Georg Ragnar Levi. Photos by Edvard Koinberg. Opening hours: 10 September – 10 October, 2017 (During The Venice Glass Week 10–17 September: 10 am – 6 pm; from 18 September: 2 pm – 6 pm, closed Sundays). Free admission.

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